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JULY 4, 2018

Morning Joe | MSNBC

Author Grace Kennan Warnecke joins Morning Joe to discuss her new book ‘Daughter of the Cold War’.

PBS | Great Decisions

Father of Containment: The George Kennan Story

June 26, 2018

C-SPAN – Grace Kennan Warnecke with Brian Lamb on Q&A

MAY 29, 2018

ONE-ON-ONE – Grace Kennan Warnecke’s Memoir, “Daughter of the Cold War”

APRIL 19, 2018

Chicago Tonight Broadcast of Grace Kennan Warnecke Interview

Aired: 04/19/18

APRIL 10, 2018

C-SPAN Broadcast of Grace Kennan Warnecke discussing Daughter of the Cold War

Air Date: Saturday, Apr 28 8:55pm EDT on C-SPAN3’s American History TV

FEBRUARY 16, 2018

Woodrow Wilson Center Interview – Grace Kennan Warnecke


May 15, 2018 – Commonwealth Club
Grace Kennan Warnecke discusses “Daughter of the Cold War”—her behind-the-scenes look at some of the most momentous people and events of the 20th century

PODCAST DIRECT LINK:…/podcast/daughter-cold-war

Radio Interviews

May 2, 2018 – WOCA Radio Interview
Grace Kennan Warnecke Interview – Daughter Of The Cold War – YouTube Link:


April 11, 2018 – BookTrib
A Child’s Front-Row Seat to the Cold War
By Susan Shapiro Barash

Grace Kennan Warnecke’s story is one an awakening, a challenge that required many years of soul searching and self-discovery. In an exclusive BookTrib interview, Warnecke discusses life as the eldest child of a Russia diplomat and making…


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